BAY Technical was founded in 1996 with a commitment to safety, quality, and excellent client service. Our hard-earned reputation speaks for itself, so we're pleased that new customers learn about and contract us based on word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide the highest quality boiler inspection and API training services quickly, accurately and dependably.

Robert L. Yagle, (Bob) Founder and President.
Bob has over forty years experience in operation, maintenance, and repair of boilers as well as pressure vessel inspection, piping inspection and API training. After spending eleven years in the US Navy, as a Boiler Technician, Bob joined a leading insurer of boilers and pressure vessels. His tenure included such positions as Inspector, Authorized Inspector, Supervising Inspector, and Project Manager for Technical Training Mid-Atlantic Region. After twenty-two years with this firm, Bob launched BAY Technical Associates, Inc. in January of 1996.

Bob has been developing and presenting API Inspector Certification examination preparation seminars and courses since 1979. His results continually eclipse the national average. In fact, nearly 100 percent of Bob's students consistently pass their certification examinations on their first attempt.

Bob's unique training philosophy is to teach students how to use the API Codes and ASME Codes, not simply how to pass an examination. He tries to impress upon them just how critical pressure vessel inspection and quality is, and in doing so has positioned BAY Technical Associates as a national leader in pressure containing equipment-related training. Bob's vast knowledge of the boiler, pressure vessel, piping, and storage tank codes and fabrication has also made him an often-requested expert witness in court cases.

Robert A. Yagle. (Rob) Vice President.
Rob embraces his father's dedication to customer satisfaction. He joined BAY Technical in 2006, bringing new capabilities and vision to the company that enhanced the already robust scope of services. Rob heads the Positive Material Identification and Piping Inspection areas of BAY Technical. In this role, Rob is responsible for developing QA/QC inspection procedures, Hardness Testing, Spark Testing, hiring, training and evaluating new inspectors; as well as being the lead inspector for new customer accounts.

Rob is passionate about serving clients with a team of professionals who are better prepared than the competition. This shows in his commitment to the use of equipment that is more advanced and better maintained than conventional industry hardware. His knowledge and qualifications have helped establish a reputation with customers for speed, efficiency and accuracy. His certifications include:
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification
  • API 570 Piping Inspector Certification
  • API 653 Above Ground Storage Tank Inspector Certification
  • Ultrasonic Thickness (UTT) Level II
  • Liquid Penetrant Examination (PT) Level II
  • Visual Examination (VT) Level II
  • Pennsylvania Lead Based Paint Inspector License
Rob's command of inspection and testing equipment and procedures has enabled BAY Technical's clients to maximize their operational results at minimal expense.